Meet our Staff


Dean McBride - Members Auto Source Representative
317-755-6233 / 866-493-9545 (option 1 the 0)

14 years in automotive service, repair and sales and 13 years with MAS. What Dean Can Do for Members “MAS is the red carpet treatment for buying a vehicle. I can help locate a vehicle and price it for a member while making the whole process as quick, painless and enjoyable as possible. I can’t eliminate the pocket book pain but I can make it sting less.” What Dean Likes About His Job : “I get to talk about cars all day and shop with other people’s money. I love my job!” Dean knows that people don’t want to waste a lot of time shopping for a vehicle. A Do it Yourself kind of guy. Also, a motorcyclist and a “part-time tree hugger”. (He would never really chain himself to a tree, but he does think the environment is important.)


Nick Lewkowicz - Members Auto Source Representative
317-755-6230 / 866-493-9545 (option 2 then 0)

What Nick Can Do for Members “I can save them time and money and have fun while doing it.” What Nick Likes About His Job “I've always been interested in the automobile industry. I like the one-on-one interaction with members and working with different kinds of vehicles.” Work Style Stress-Free Personal I enjoy working out on a daily basis. I enjoy traveling and doing home improvement projects.

Don Hamme – Members Auto Source Representative
317-755-6235 / 866-493-9545 (option 3 then 0)

I have been around cars all my life, and enjoyed different forms of auto racing along the way. I have worked on cars for fun and for vocation. I have worked with larger automotive component suppliers with all aspects from design to installation and sales. I have also worked for some of the largest OEM manufacturers, here and in Europe. What I like about Members Auto Source is that this is a new aspect to automotive for me and something to challenge me and for me to master. The mystical attraction of automotive still has its claws in me, and I am lovin’ it. Work hard and play hard are two principals to live with.

Mike Lewkowicz – Members Auto Source Representative
317-755-6360 / 866-493-9545 (option 3 then 0)

Mike is the newest addition to the Members Auto Source team. He works hard for you to get you the best deal on your next car. Quality customer service and promptness is what you can expect when searching for your next vehicle, with Mike. You will enjoy an extremely easy process and wonder why this is your first time using our service! Look forward to finding that special car, that is just for you.